School Model


At United Schools of Indianapolis, we believe it is critical to equip scholars with the knowledge necessary to master life, prepare them for success in college, inspire a lifelong love of learning, and foster responsible citizenship. We promote student growth and achievement by ensuring the following elements of effective instruction are present in the learning environment:

  • We teach a rigorous, standards-based curriculum.
  • We sustain student attention.
  • We have a warm and structured environment for learning.
  • We engage students by pushing the thinking and the doing onto them.
  • We respond to data in the moment.
  • We are professional and prepared.



At United Schools of Indianapolis, we believe that every child deserves to learn in a safe, positive environment. Therefore, in our structured environment, adults are consistently positive, yet firm so that scholars are learning in a happy and focused school setting. This positive and firm approach nurtures a culture within our school and within each classroom where scholars have the confidence to take academic risks and learn from their mistakes.


We assume the best when working with our scholars. Our staff ensures that children get to learn in an environment where the adults in the building believe each scholar can achieve.


The culture of our schools is consistent and predictable so that scholars know what to expect from adults and their peers. This allows scholars to trust their surroundings and spend their mental focus on challenging their own thoughts and ideas.


Our schools recognize individual children and their own passions. We set high expectations for every scholar but recognize their individual personalities. We want our buildings to be a happy place where scholars feel supported and pushed, and we want our adults to feel the same way.